KJ's School of Motoring
Training areas

Module 1 training course

At KJ's School of Motoring we have the closest approved training areas to the ONLY DVSA motorcycle testing centre in Leicester.

We use the Aylestone Park Football Club car park on weekdays for both CBT courses and full licence Module 1 training sessions.

The club's address is:

Saffron Lane

The site is just a few minute's walk from the porkpie roundabout and only 1-2 minute's ride from the DVSA testing centre in South Wigston, this area provides a safe and secure environment to improve your riding skills.

On site we have a container that is used as an office to provide a warm classroom for the various talks needed during training, a toilet block and we also provide tea and coffee free of charge to any of our trainees.

Some training schools do not provide a classroom, toilets or refreshments on there CBT sites so we are proud to provide all these extras to our trainees.