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Practical test

Click HERE to visit the driving stadards agency on-line booking serive and book your practical driving test. You will need your provisional driving licence, theory certificate and a credit or debit card to make the payment which is currently £62 for a weekday or £75 for an evening or weekend test


The Practical test will be conducted at your local test centre. Leicester has 2 tests centres South Wigston and Crannock Street but there are also other test centres further afield.

  • You will need your photocard driving licence.
  • If you have the old paper type licence then you will also need to take some sort of photo ID e.g a passport.
  • Theory test certificate.
  • Appointment letter confirming the date and time of the appointment.

The test will last a minimum of 30 minutes but usually takes 35-40 minutes, you will be asked to drive on various roads and traffic conditions, perform 1 reversing excercise, approximately 20 minutes of independant driving including following a satnav and maybe a controlled stop.


You will start a driving lesson an hour before your test is due to start, during this time you will get a chance to warm up and practice all of the set peice maneouvres that you may be asked to perform during test.


You will arrive at the test centre 5-10 minutes before your test is due to start giving you time to relax and allow for bad traffic conditions that may cause you to arrive late. The DVSA examiners then come out of the office and call out the name of the learner driver that they will be taking for their test.

The Examiner will ask you for your documents and while they are checking them they will ask you to read and sign the declaration at the top left of the test mark sheet (Important:-Make sure you sign in the same way as you have on your driving licence and keep within the white box) The examiner will then ask you to show them to your car, they will ask you if you want your instructor to come with you on the test and if you dont then they will ask if you would like them there for the de-brief as the end (which we recommend you say yes for).


Once outside the test centre the examiner will conduct the eyesight test, you will need to be able to read the new style number plate format AB58 CDE from 20m away or if it's the old style number plate format W123 XYZ from 20.5m don't worry if you struggle with the first one they pick for you as they tend to pick one that is more than 20/20.5m and if you can't read it then they will try another that is closer, if you fail to read this plate they will then have to go back into the test centre and get a tape measure for your final attempt. If you still can't read this plate then your test will be over before it has even started so it makes sense to check your eyesight on a regular basis. It is ok to where glasses or contact lenses to read the number plate but remember if you can't read the number plate without them then you will need to where them EVERY time you are driving.


The next task for you to complete is to answer the first safety question about your vehicle, this is called the tell-me question. The show me questions will be asked while driving during the test. For a full list of these questions and answers visit the DVSA Website


When you are in the car and the examiner they will ask you if you want to know a little about the test, we recommend that you hear this. It should go something like this "Throughout the test I would like you to follow the road ahead, unless road signs or markings direct you otherwise, if I want you to turn left or right I will ask you to do so in plenty of time. During the test I will also ask you to perform a reversing maneouvre, possibily a controlled stop and we will perform approximately 20 minutes of independant driving, the sort of things you practice with the instructor". If you do not understand anything the examiner says then now is the time to ask your questions.

  • The most important piece of advice we can give is to try and relax and take your time.
  • Try to drive normally the chances are if you do anything different to the way you would have done it on your driving lessons then you will be making a mistake. Just try to pretend that it is your instructor next to you.
  • Don't worry if you make a mistake it might not have been as bad as you thought. There is no way to change what you have done but if you are dwelling on the mistake you may end up making a much worse mistake.
  • Ignore anything you see the examiner marking down they have to make a lot of marks on the form as they see you perform various tasks during the test don't assume every time the pen moves they are marking down a fault. Keep concentrating.
  • You will be asked to park and pulloff quite a few times during your test this could be for a maneouvre or just to check the spaces you will chose, signals given or the way you control the pulloff.
  • When you are asked to park the examiner will pretty much instantly tell you to "drive on when you are ready" it is VERY important to take your time and take these gaps as a chance to unwind and vent some of the pressure that has been building.
  • Don't worry if you go the wrong way you can't be marked down for going the wrong way correctly, but if you go the correct way incorrectly it could be dangerous or confusing to the other road users around you so don't suddenly change your mind if you have already started to go one way.
  • Remember the test is not over untill the examiner tells you so keep concentrating till the very end.

You will be given the result of the test as soon as the examiner has finished marking the form (this should only take a few seconds). If you have failed don't let it get you down, you will of learned a valuable lesson that day and when you come back for your next attempt you will be even better because of it. It is very important to listen to what the examiner has to say as this will help you prepare for your next attempt and we recommend that you have your instructor present for the de-brief.


The examiner will issue you with a pass certificate and can have your full driving license sent out to you automatically, to do this he will have to take your provisional license away and will shred it, if you need your current license for anything in the next couple of weeks you can always send it off yourself. Your pass certificate means you can still drive even without having your license, although we do not recommend driving anymore that day just enjoy yourself for the rest of the day and leave driving till tomorrow.


After your test your instructor will drive you home. It is likely you will not be in a fit state of mind to concentrate on driving whatever the result.