KJ's School of Motoring
The New Motorcycle Test

On 27th April 2009 the new 2 part motorcycle test was introduced to improve safety.

On-Road Test (Module 2)

The Module 2 motorcycle test is now even easier!!

With the introduction of the 2 part motorcycle test, some of the harder manoeuvres have been removed from the on-road test so you can focus on your ability to ride safely.

At KJ's School of Motoring we assign 2 or 2.5 of your 3 days training course to the module 2 road ride test this is designed to teach you how to ride your bike safely using the correct riding techniques required to pass the DVSA's practical motorcycle test, and will help you to be a safe rider for life.

Test Day

Your Trainer will take you for an on road warm-up session for approx 60 minutes and escort you to the DVSA test centre on Tigers road in South Wigston for your pre-arranged Mod 2 Test.

The test is made up of the eyesight test, road Safety Questions and at least 30 minutes of road riding. Road riding will cover a variety of road and traffic conditions and will also include normal stops, hill and angle starts. In October 2010 a new addition was added to the test which includes 10 minutes of independent riding.

Below are some links to videos produced by the DVSA publised on U-Tube to give you an idea of what to expect in each element. The links will be lauched in a new window.

    Click HERE to see a DVSA video of the Module 2 motorcycle test.

    Click HERE to see a video of one of our instructors going through the maintenace questions.

    Click HERE to see a video of one of our instructors going through the Pillion questions.

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