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The New Motorcycle Test

On 27th April 2009 the new motorcycle test was introduced to improve safety.

Off-Road Test (Module 1)

Click here to view the module 1 test diagram

The Module 1 off-road test consists of several manoeuvres see diagram they are carried out at the DVSA test centre on Tigers road in South Wigston.

We will take you through the test step by step, breaking each element down and working on it over and over again so you will be well prepared for each task during the test.

We have enough room at our secure off-road training ground at Samworth Enterprise Academy to setup the whole Module 1 course so once you have mastered each task we can then go on to do some mock tests giving you an idea of if you are ready to pass the real test with the DVSA examiner.

During the Module 1 test the emergency stop and avoidance exercises must be performed at a minimum of 50Kph (32Mph) to measure this we use a Radar Gun developed in the United States by POCKET RADAR This gives us a very accurate reading so we make sure you are going fast enough to meet the DVSA requirements but not so fast you are making the exercise too difficult.

You may start your practice on a smaller 125cc motorcycle and progress to a larger 395cc+ or 595cc+ bikes at your leisure.

Test Day

Your Instructor will take you for an on road warm-up session for roughly 60 minutes and escort you to the DVSA test centre for your pre-arranged Mod 1 Test.

Trainers Motorcycle

Module 1 - Mock Test

Below is a video taken by Kevin Starmer at our old training ground at Samworth Enterprise Academy.

The Video is of our trainees (Anthony) riding one of our Suzuki Gladius motorcycles at the end of his module 1 training day performing his final mock test of the day, after this training session he went on to pass his Module 1 test on the first attempt with a clean sheet on Thursday 10th September 2015.

Well Done Anthony!!

The video has been uploaded to YouTube and will open in a new window.

  • Click HERE to see his mock test.

Click HERE to see a DVSA video of the complete Module 1 motorcycle test.

Now you have completed module 1, you can move on to your Module 2 Test - the final test to get your full motorcycle licence.