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At KJ's School of Motoring we use a single fully qualified Aprroved Driving Instructor (ADI). Kevin Starmer was born in Leicester in 1980 and has lived there all his life.

Kevin Starmer March 2009
His driving history and qualifications

In 1998 he started taking driving lessons with a local driving instructor and between lessons got private practice in his mum's car. After a while he decided to take his lessons in his mum's car too and later passed his driving test first time with 3 driver faults.

In 2000 he decided to ride motorcycles and went to Shires motorcycle training to pass his Compulsary Basic Training (CBT) using their motorcylce. Shortly after he purchased a Honda NSR 125 from Honda 2000 in south wigston (now Castledines Suzuki) and rode this bike with "L" plates for a few months. He then went back to Shires to do a weekend course on his NSR and took his test on the monday passing first time with just 3 driver faults.

As he was only 20 at the time of taking his motorcycle test (he could not take it on a 600cc machine unless he was 21) he was restricted to a 125cc bike for 2 years. Once this restriction was over he upgraded his motorcycle to a Honda CBR600 which he still rides today.

A few years later now working as a sales assistant at Videobox in wigston his partner who later became his wife was taking driving lessons, they both decided to get a ford fiesta so his wife could get extra practice between her driving lessons. During this time he realised how much he enjoyed helping his wife improve her driving and when driving to work stopped behind a BSM learner car which had a number to ring to train to become an instructor.

In January 2005 he started training to become an instructor with BSM his first hurdle was the instructor theory test. This test he passed first time with a score of 99 out of 100. The hazard perception test he scored 71 out of 75.

The second section of the instructor training was the advanced driving test, this test last an hour and to pass you must not exceed 6 driver faults this he passed first time with 3 driver faults.

Once the second section of the training was complete he quit his job at the video shop and started working full time at BSM as a trainee driving instructor during this time he was building up his experience in preparation of the third and final part of the instructor training program.

While working as a trainee instructor he decided to take training to drive Large Good Vehicles (LGV Lorries) for this training he decided to use a company called Alert LGV Training after doing an 7 day course he passed his Catagory (C) test first time with only 2 driver faults he then worked as a lorry driver for 1 day out of the week. This was mainly a job done for the thrill obtained by driving such a large vehicle as the money earned was not as high as his other job as a driving instructor.

The Third part of the instructor training program is split into 2 sections and is scored between 1 and 6 only level 4,5 and 6 is classed as acceptable with level's 1,2 and 3 resulting in failure. on his first attempt he only scored 4 and 3 the 3 on the second phase resulted in failure and the whole test had to be retaken. This made him quite angry at himself he had always passed everything to do with driving first time but he went into this test overconfident. He then decided to spend more time working on improving his skills instead of concentrating mainly teaching learners to drive. He then went back and passed his part 3 test with a score of 6 and 5 which was almost the highest possible score on this exam.

In 2008 kevin started training to pass the RoSPA advanced driving test one of the hardest advanced driving tests avaliable to the public. After paying to join Leicester's local RoSPA group he received free training from one of it's members using his own car. In march 2009 he passed the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test first time.

Now Kevin had improved his driving skill he turned his attention to improving his riding. He returned to Shires motorcycle training who got him through this riding test back in 2000 and booked a roadcraft course. This course is not a test more of a training session it lasts 3 hours and is designed to improve all areas of riding. Once completed he then decided to Take the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) this he passed on his first attempt with an "A" grade the highest grade avaliable on this test.

In 2009 Kevin decided it was time to build an even larger skill base so he decided to turn his attention to motorcycle training. In 2010 he passed the following motorcycle instructor qualifications.

  • A 2 day course in cardington now becoming a "Cardington Assessed motorcycle instructor"
  • A half day course in cardington now becoming a "Direct Access Motorcycle instructor"
  • The Theory test to join the register of post-test motorcycle trainers RPMT
  • Grade "A" on Cardington special test for motorcycle instructors (advanced riding test)
His family

Kevin was married to Rachel in July 2005 and now lives with their four children leah, dylan, Olivia and Kaisey in their home in leicester. He now works full time as a driving instructor and motorcycle trainer to support his family and loves and driving and riding as much today as he did when he first passed his driving test 10 years ago.