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What is CBT??

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It is a course that all motorcycle or moped riders MUST complete before riding on the road.

If you passed your car test after 1st February 2001 you will need to complete a CBT course to validate the full moped entitlement on their driving licence.

CBT can only be given by an Approved Training Body (ATB) they have trainers that have been to the DVSA's testing facility and assessed to the standard required and the ATB will also have a site approved by the DVSA for off-road training.

The CBT course allows you learn the following in a safe environment:-

  • Motorcycle theory.
  • Skills you will need to keep safe on the roads.
  • The correct attitudes you must have towards motorcycles and the road in general.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete a CBT course you'll be given a Certificate of Completion of an Approved Training Course (DL196).

From 1st February 2001 the DL196 will record whether CBT was completed on:-

  • A moped or motorcycle.
  • A motorcycle-sidecar combination or a moped that has more than two wheels.

This will validate your entitlement accordingly.

Certificate life

Your CBT certificate will last for two years.

A certificate obtained to validate full moped entitlement on a full car licence will remain valid (Only for mopeds) for the life of the licence.

Motorcycle validation

If training is completed on a motorcycle-sidecar combination then motorcycle validation will be limited to motorcycle-sidecar combinations.

If training is completed on a moped with more than two wheels then moped validation will be limited to moped with more than two wheels.

The CBT course

CBT is arranged so that you progress through a series of elements. You can only move onto the next element when your trainer is satisfied you have learnt the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a basic level.

  • Element A - Introduction
  • Element B - Practical on-site training
  • Element C - Practical on-site riding
  • Element D - Practical on-road training
  • Element E - Practical on-road riding

Trainer to trainee ratios

During your CBT you may be accompanied by other learners up to a maximum ratio of

  • 4:1 during on-site elements.
  • 2:1 during the on-road element.

For those using the Direct Access scheme the ratios are 2:1 for both on-road and off-road elements.