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What is a One ON One CBT??

At KJ's School of Motoring we offer a ONE on ONE CBT. This service is very helpful to people who feel very nervous and don't want to worry about holding other riders up while learning the basics, or are returning to renew their CBT certificate after 2 years and don't want to be paired up with another rider who may take a long time to pick up the riding skills when they already know most of what the course offers.

Some of the CBT course will still be done as a group (mainly the talks) but all of the learning to ride the bike sections will be done on a one to one basis.

  • Element A - Introduction - Done in a group.
  • Element B - Practical on-site training - Done in a group.
  • Element C - Practical on-site riding - Separated from group now alone with an instructor.
  • Element D - Practical on-road training (Talk) - May be done as a group or with your instructor.
  • Element E - Practical on-road riding - Road ride is perform alone with your instructor.

How much does it cost??

If you would like a ONE on ONE CBT then please inform us when booking your training, there is an additional charge for a ONE on ONE CBT of and it may take a little longer to get an avaliable date so please book early.